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  • Trục vít roller SVC BVC Recirculating roller screw, axial play, cylindrical nut

    Recirculating roller screws SV

    Absence of small parts compared to small lead ball screw

    Nominal diameters from 8 to 125 mm

    Standard leads from 1 mm to 5 mm

    Shaft lengths up to 8 000 mm

    Accelerations up to 4 000 rad/s2

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  • Trục vít roller SRR BRR Planetary roller screw, rotating nut, axial play

    Rotating nut with planetary roller screws SRR

    Planetary roller screws with a nut already fitted into a bearing housing

    Maximum n d0 = 160 000 and acceleration up to 12 000 rad/s2

    72 series angular contact ball bearings

    Bearings in back–to–back preloaded arrangement

    2 garter seals (2 shields for size d0 = 60 mm)

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  • Trục vít roller ISR / IBR Inverted planetary roller screw

    Inverted roller screws ISR

    Planetary roller screw concept without recirculation

    Leads as small as 2,4 mm, combined with the benefits of the robust planetary roller screw design

    Either nut or shaft can be driven, the non–rotating and translating component acting directly as the push tube

    Custom screw-to-motor  attachments for easy integration

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  • Trục vít Roller SR Planetary roller screws

    Planetary roller screws SR

    Satellite rollers without recirculation

    Nominal diameters from 8 to 120 mm

    Long leads up to 42 mm

    Small leads down to 2 mm

    Shaft length up to 8 000 mm

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